2017 Golf Memberships

2017 Membership Programs

Single  –  $550 

A  single  membership  includes  unlimited  golf  without  cart,  20%  discount  on  all  non-­‐sale   Pro   Shop   merchandise  and  a  GAM   Handicap   Membership.  Members   may   ride   for   cart   fee   only,   purchase   a   season  cart  pass,  or  purchase  a  trail  pass  and  use  their  own  golf  cart.

Couple  –  $800 

A  couples  membership  may  be  purchased  by  two  immediate  family  members.  A  couples   membership   includes   unlimited   golf   for   two   without   cart,   20%   discount   on   all   non-­‐sale   Pro   Shop   merchandise  and  a  GAM  Handicap  Membership  for  both  members.  Members  may  ride  for  cart   fee  only,  purchase  a  season  cart  pass,  or  purchase  a  trail  pass  and  use  their  own  golf  cart.

Family – $1,000 

A   family   membership   may   be   purchased   by   one   adult   or   a   married   couple   plus   dependants   under   the   age   of   18.   A   family   membership   includes   unlimited   golf   for   all   members   of   the   immediate  family  without  cart,  20%  discount  on  all  non-­‐sale  Pro  Shop  merchandise,  and  a  GAM   Handicap   Membership   for   two  members   of   the   family.  Members   may   ride   for   cart   fee  only,  purchase  a  season  cart  pass,  or  purchase  a  trail  pass  and  use  their  own  golf  cart.

Junior – $250 

Includes   unlimited   golf   without   cart   for   someone   less   than   18   years   old   or   younger   on   March  1st  of  that  year.  Walking  membership  only. 

Monthly  –  $150

Includes  unlimited  golf  without  cart  for  30  consecutive  days  for  a  single  person.  These   memberships  are  non-­‐transferable.    Cart  fees  are  additional.

Range Pass – $150

The $150 range pass includes unlimited range balls for one person.  The couples membership may add on a couples range pass for the discounted rate of $100.

Seasonal Cart  Fee  –  Single  $500,  Couple  $700,  Family  $900.   Trail  Fee  -­‐  $150  –  Crystal Lake Golf Club will  allow  the  use  of  golfer’s  own  golf  cart.  The  trail  fee  for  the  season only  covers  those  listed  on  our  season  pass.

Resident Play Card – $250

The Resident Play Card includes unlimited golf after 1:00 pm Monday through Friday and anytime on the weekends for a cart fee.  Cart is required.  (9 hole cart fee – $10 /18 hole cart fee – $20).  The Resident Play Card is perfect for the evening league player or for the working golfer who stills wants to belong to a club without having to pay for a full membership fee.

A Resident Play Card holder may play prior to 1:00 pm on weekdays for a 50% discount on the green fees only.


2017 Standard Cart Fees


9 holes – $10.00

18 holes – $20.00



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